About Us

Max R Services

Max R Services is part of the New Generation Financial Network (The NGFN).   The NGFN is composed of offices, staff, and resources working collaboratively to meet the requirements of our clients.  We strive to exceed the expectations of current and potential clients. We do this by adhering to the AICPA Code of Professional Conduct, committing to continue development in our fields, and listening current and potential clients, other stakeholders, and the larger community.

The NGFN network has grown as a legacy firm building on the success of the practices and business we have brought together.  Our local presence focuses on the needs of the local office and community, and we have access to the resources of a larger network providing a greater range of services and expertise to our clients and each other.  With our own small business focus, we have more in common with our local business owners and their needs and hopes.

Our Network

We Are Experienced

Our nation-wide network brings more than a century of experience to your practice. 

We Think Outside the Box

We have a nation-wide network that includes professionals in a variety of business areas and through a shared knowledge base we uncover unique ideas and solutions from other groups that can benefit your medical and dental practice. 

We Are Growing to Better Serve You 

Many of the clients we work with in our local offices have business needs and interests throughout the United States.  As our clients grow, we grow.  To meet the demands and needs of our clients, we will continue to add locations and services to our nation-wide network to meet the needs of current and future clients.