Overview of Our Services

We work with the business owners to determine personal payroll requirements to benefit the owner and the enterprise.  We have the flexibility to offer many customized and one-off solutions not offered by the larger payroll companies.

We prepare your weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, etc. employee payroll with direct deposit or printed checks.  We also prepare your 1099 consultant/contractor payments and household employees 

We generate and review the numerous per payroll, monthly, quarterly and yearly required filings such as employee federal, state, and city withholdings; employer FICA, unemployment, and worker’s compensation amounts due.

We can initiate and then process direct pay items for the payroll obligations including but not limited to tax withholdings; retirement plan (e.g. 401k) deductions; child support, garnishments, other court obligations; unemployment deposits, and other third party checks. 

We assist with the application process for registering with the IRS, State tax agencies, and other necessary business partners to meet your payroll processing needs.